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Far south in South Australia the Autumn days are cool
And the terns dive in the shallows where the tiny fishes school
And the small waves of salt water lap on the sandy shore
And the silver gulls are calling on the beach at Semaphore.

The familiar song of the magpie lark is carrying in the breeze
And the sparrows quietly chirping amongst the sheoak trees
And in fancy i am walking where i've often walked before
On the long streets by the ocean of distant Semaphore.

The pleasant aroma of the caffeine from the cafes by the sea
And women sit at tables on the sidewalk as they chat and sip
And dog tied to a lamp post outside the grocery store
Sits waiting for his master in distant Semaphore.

Far south in South Australia the weather cool and dry
And the Autumn days are pleasant days and the sun shines in clear sky
And the dolphins neath the jetty frolic for an hour or more
In their home in the salt water in beautiful Semaphore.

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