Semblance Of Privacy

Semblance of Privacy

The night was brisk.
Around were shinning bulbs,
Well designed Almaco glasses;
Giving us a free portraits,
Our eyes casting warmth circles...
No one eager to brave the cold,
Empty house, off Gateman, just us_
Two people sharing a riveling attraction:
As the chirping birds fly close-by.

Tiny smiles flickered across our lips,
Me; workaholic to redefined sexiest.
She; in her eyes hoards lust,
Imagine such a lovely state.
My hairy skin grown hard and soft...
As silence walked in for a long minutes;
Wondering, smiling and smiling we did.
Alas, we continued the unknown drama,
Soon-in-seconds, seduction sent-in styles...
Behold, her heart floating in romance.

Now, she shrugged _' I can't do this...'
I cupped her cheeks in my hands
With a charming gaze; hot and sweet,
'I want to make babies with you...,
You are the right person', i teased her.

There came a speed clasp to my body; a firm kiss.
Waow! What a knee-weakening passion,
'Baby show me heaven here and now', I muttered,
With a hoarse romantic but raged voice,
Dragging her closer still; my hands on her lips,
My face in her neck; buried in lust.
Lo, she felt me trembling to reach heaven there and then.

As emotions continuously tumbled in her eyes,
With random flashes of snowflakes,
She moaned and called my name softly a-loud,
Because, the real me, so warm had gone deep inside her.
I teased her with outrageous swift and steady caresses.
Heat of passion drenched our naked statues,
That she felt so wonderfully and lustfully alive.
While I felt heaven but never saw my CREATOR.
As my ice-warm-fluid flowed into her love-walls;
It was a heart pounding and exciting exercise ever.
Perhaps, so many dreams and hopes would no longer be the same.

Exiting her from the house, I heard voices,
A continuous tapping on my shoulder,
' Are you still reading...', said the voice.
Immediately, my eyes opened like praying mountain, there, stood my brother laughing crazily. I huffed, and stretched out twice the cool trance: a wonderful trance; a lustful journey. Worriedly, as I paced around asking myself, 'why not real, why not physically staged...'. I almost became angry but in the wind, my tongue was soaked emotionally.
Behold, I told no one but said to my brother, 'that which is impossible here, is possible over there...'. He looked at me confusedly and nodded his head in the negative manner, as I walk passed him.

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