(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Send Down The Rain

The world is ending gradually on us,
But who can stop it from all the disasters around us?
There is fire here and there is war over there,
There is flood over here and there is Tsunami over there!
And people are being killed in many ways;
But who can stop the actions of nature?

This is like the secret code in 'Louis' Theory 6-5-6';
And we need to correct out history to move on in life!
But who will send down the rain to stop this fire?

Look at Japan and the situatons to the nuclear reactors! !
With fire-fighters pumping out enough water to cool down the overheated reactors;
But we need the heavy down pour from the heavens to help solve this matter,
For the land of Fukushima now looks like the end of the world.

Send down the rain!
For we need the rain to help stop these reactors from a major nuclear disaster! !
But the Tsunami came and the earth quaked,
With fire, snow and the burning of the forest and the oil refineries!
And of the many missing dead bodies not accounted for,
But who can stop the actions of nature?

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