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Sending A Message
CC (5/23/93 / Texas)

Sending A Message

Sending a message to you
Guess your wondering who
Close your eyes a
And see to your surprise
The wonders that hide
Just beneath the surface
Watch a bubble come to life
Let it give you a new light
A new sight
Slow your roll
Why do you have to go
Learn to day no
Start to say I’m through
Hold on to what’s true
Keep your eye on the prize
Hold you head up high
Look toward the light
Find and see what’s there
Don’t blame anyone for your mistakes
The consequence is yours to take
Still wondering who it is
Take a look around you
And see where you are
Are you loosing time
Are you there
When’s the last time
The last time you called
Just to let them know you care
So I ask again
Are you there
Don’t give me that excuse
I need to provide I know this
But its become your place to hide
So I ask
Would it kill you
For just a day or two
To take the time
The time to remind you
To look behind you
To see what you come home to
I bet your still wondering who this is
Are you ready
Its your conscience
Trying to tell you
To slow down and remind you
If you go to fast
You loose it
You miss what’s there
You have no second chance
No rewind so take it easy
And remember
Why your there

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Comments (2)

Amazing I can't tell you how often I feel similar to this, like i'm just waiting to be important just waiting for relevence. Your poem reminded me of a 'waiting game' waiting to be important to be noticed, for the person to open their eyes and say 'oh it was you. it's always been you.' =]
he he, I like your poem, you should write more I cant wait to see what you have in store he he, lool it rimed