I used to think you felt the same way,
now I know you don't.
When you smiled at me that day,
I surely thought we were meant together.

You sat with me on a roof so cold,
trying to get me happy.
Why is that silly old smirk now withhold
from me, your friend?

Maybe you were just kidding with me,
trying to get me cheery.
But still I miss that smile of glee,
don't you realize you were the object of my jubilee?

Now day to day you walk past,
ignoring my solemn smiles.
I wish our friendship could've last,
maybe it would have been more?

Are you mad at me for not trying,
trying to love you so soon?
But now you see inside I am crying,
because you left me alone.

by Fane Oat

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Comments (8)

Butterflies sit and suck the nectar this is the one can be many like this to describe nice imagery thank you Heather
Sitting on lily pad enjoys the water. Excellent three lines. Beautiful and expressive.
what a dramatic stroke on the wall of a poetical mind...Nice..
A beautiful description as if on a small boat a beautiful girl is enjoying the waves who are making all efforts to touch her.
Beautiful Senryu short and sweet. Loved reading it.
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