Sense And Scents

Poem By Christopher Higginson

I’ve sometimes wondered why it is
I’m not the first for sure
“What is the lure women’s kiss
And feminine allure? ”
A scent “across a crowded room”
Can make a man lose sense
Hormones in his mind go boom
And ‘Hell with the expense’!
We’re trained by magazines and modes
That ‘Slim’ is the objective
Do we ever think what bodes
When we’re no more erective?
After years of raising kids
And taking them to school
Does your life go off the skids
And make you feel a fool?
Does the one who shares your days
Share your needs as well
Or does she seek another craze
And make your life a ‘Hell’?
All this: “I Must Find Myself! ”
And: “Why For Am I Here? ”
Doesn’t put the food on shelf
Or help to pour a beer
It seems the lean ones go this way
All searching for a cause
The ‘larger’ ones incline to stay
And put off starting wars
All this happens countless years
After you are married
Can wisdom from your friends or peers
Help you from being harried?
I think not, ‘cause men are fools
And insight matters not
They want to share their family jewels
… Sense matters not a jot!

2nd Provocative Verse

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