CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Sense Of Love (C) 2-26-2010

1st grade teaches us of 5 senses
And smell
But there were two that were left out,
One being Love
The emotion gathered from our other senses
The way she looks your eyes become stimulated
Her voice, so seductive and sweet
So soft is her skin, so soft is her touch
Her sweet aroma encompasses the air
And she tastes sweeter you’d believe
But her mind, and her persona
Is one you’d never believe,
Intelligent, optimistic, caring,
You begin to wonder if Eve made it through
When you need her, when and where ever
You want to see her
To hear her,
To smell her,
To touch her,
Taste her,
It only makes sense since your senses sense your senselessness
The only explanation is it is in itself
A sense,
A sense,
Of Love

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