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Sense Of Wonder
BS (4-3-55 / )

Sense Of Wonder

Caught between the yesterdays and tomorrows broken dreams
Leafing through the scrapbook of tried and tested schemes
Holding on to evidence of sanity's golden thread
Fighting through the woolen ball unravelled in my head
Picking through the bones of hope still showing signs of life
Cutting out the canker with an ever blunting knife
Talking to the mirror, mouthing sermons to the wall
Hands outstretched before me, to break the coming fall

Yet with a sense of wonder, spreadeagled on the grass
The majesty above, helps the feeling pass
Once again a child, magic in my eyes
Overawed by the splendour of moonlit star filled skies
Transported back in time, to a place long forgotten
When the apple clung to the tree not windfallen and rotten
To a time of questions, endless how's and why's
Wide eyed i'd soak up knowledge, everyday a new surprise
Yes here i lie remembering, days lost to the tick of time
Again asking questions, of what is and isn't mine

No longer needing reasons, for they are plain to see
Reminded by the stars, of a younger better me
Orions Belt, The Bear The Plough, no wiser now than then
I lie back in wonder, at the smallness of men
Like careless scattered Confetti, strewn across the sky
Stars sparkle in the heavens, bring a smile to the eye
I, ....so small below them, too late learn lesson number one
No matter what befalls me, life will carry on

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