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Poem By shimon weinroth

I have feelings, senses
and sensations too
in my blood and veins
flesh and tissues

nerves touch and touching
spark and torching
each other
one another

turn into emotions
numerous as spermatozoa
and short lived

and from that organ
inside my head
give birth to thoughts
a marrying of mind and body

feeding each other
multiplying, consumating
and consuming, acting
come to the ships helm

not always aware
who steers the vessel
navigates the
seas of human dynamics

the decks are decked with
emotions trival or real
satisfying, sweet or sour
senses sensing

wise, touchy angry and untouchable
need space and room enough,
at other times adherence

it's the nerves the nerves
that cause me to behave
accompanied by hormones that
lubricate and grease.

emotions that ooze,
leak and spill over
spilling out flow and salivate
surf and then burst out

putting tongues in senses
feelings sensations too
reined in and enhanced
by language brought to the fore

to sing to dance and speak
in every sense there lives
an advocate to fit
the scene and scenery

alas too often some feelings
get the best of me
immoral and selfish

rule sending logic and temperance
to hell

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