Sensitivily Sorry

Im sorry when you cry
Im sorry every time I lie
Im sorry at night
Im sorry at day
All I wanted to do was be happy and play

Im sorry you ignore me
Im sorry you dont trust me
Im sorry for all of this
Im sorry for every fist I raised upon my own damn grave
Im sorry for the times when we were freinds and it all fell to the ground
Im sorry I made you laugh
Im sorry I laugh with you

Im sorry that its gone
That its far far away

If we work together I know it will work out
I cant be the only one trying you have to help too
School is almost over and its turning into a zoo
Im sorry if I bothered you
Or threw your life out of place
Im sorry for bothering you and seeing your happy face

by Breanna Longoria

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Hey my name is Briana Longoria tooo. By the way I like your poem