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EI (April 12,1991 / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)


love me;
that's all i need.
i want our lips to dance that dance,
perform that ritual of passion.
touch me;
let your fingers be drawn to my body
and explore for themselves.
give me that erotic fragrance
that hangs on you like a shadow.
i want to kiss those lips
again and again; it's my forbidden fruit
and it tastes so good.
i want to caress you
hold you, love you
while i still have the chance (who knows
if tomorrow even exists?)
i can't get enough of your temptation.
your skin, under my hands
is beautiful when you relax-
letting go of everything,
yet holding on to us.
your eyes burn with a consuming fire that
warms us both with ecstacy.
i want more, i'm addicted;
don't let me go-i'm begging you:
your knowing soul can guide us both
as we delve into sweet intimacy.

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Comments (4)

This is kind of sexy fun, young lady. Maybe too much so for one your age! ! ! Someone better keep an eye on you! ! ! Uriah
This poem certainly has the right title, extremely sensual, full of passion. I love the line (I want our lips to dance that dance) . Excellent Ebone-Melvina--
Whoa, Ebone....Your Bio says your Mom gave you the Green Light to post Poems & interact with us crazies(LIKE YOU) , but has she seen this Hot Slice of Work? Quite a progresive piece indeed....amorous, and divinely passionate....Fine Penning, E! ''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR
hellohellohellohellohellohello....readers. this is your stalker speaking (J/K) . ummm, this poem comes from the reaches of the dirty part of my mind (yes, there is one) . But hey, I'm 15; it happens. As stated previously, this poem might suck...PLEASE vote or write comments or send a message and TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! ! ! ! ! I COMMAND YOU! ! ! ! ! <3, Eni da kid p.s. does anyone know Willow Ingram? she's my fake sister with the same last name :)