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Sensuality And Love
ARM (Sept 17,1989 / Phillipines)

Sensuality And Love

I saw her gazing upon the window,
her supple breasts so visible,
her gentle lips and soft velvet skin,
so obvious, so tempting,
so wonderful to touch and taste.

At night, as we lay each other in bed,
I realize how perfect her body is.
Her small frame, her stubborn chin,
her perky nose and the light freckles
sprawled across her face.

Her hands so sweet, I melt with one touch,
her gaze so tormenting,
I falter with one look,
her small waist and slender legs,
Oh God what gift have you sent?

I close my eyes and try to prove
that the figure beside me is
just my imagination.
But as I open them and began to understand
that this being was born to be mine.

I suppress my smile and gather my courage
to hold my darling
and make love to her all night.

I am so thankful to God for such a blessing,
that even in the bleakest, bluriest part of my days,
I still and will always have her in my life.

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Comments (2)

Wow! ! Very breautiful poem. Loved it! ! You are a very good poet.
I am a bit confused, but will let that slide. Nice poem, heartfelt thoughts, well expressed. Verdict: Lucky You and may you always be happy with her. H