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Sent To Prison

I used to sell used cars so you know I'm scum.
I sold cars that looked good but they didn't run.
I was sent to prison when I started rolling the odometers back.
When the inmates learn that I sold used cars, they tend to attack.
It's depressing here and I'm all out of hope.
When I shower, I make certain not to dropp my soap.
I insulted my former cellmate and I guess I went too far.
He tossed me around like a rag doll and squeezed my head through the bars.
After that altercation, I was moved to another cell.
This place stinks. When was the last time they cleaned this jail?
A new prisoner who is doing life told me he wanted the death penalty instead.
I told him to just eat the food here and he's as good as dead.
My cellmate passes gas a lot and I can no longer take it here.
I'm going bonkers because I won't get out for another five years.

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