Leave me be,
Leave me be,
Please stay the hell away from me,
You say your “friends”,
But all I see,
Are selfish people who envy me,

You don’t have time,
Inside I’m dyin,
I need you,
My soul keeps cryin,

But do you stay?
No, you just leave,
And watch me breakdown,
And lose all my dreams,

You’ve hurt me once,
No make that twice,
Well, enough to make me wanna give up life,

They say, “Be strong”,
They say, “Be brave”,
But those who say it,
Have life goin their way,

Don’t act like you know how this feels,
Make your sympathy and pity your own shield,
There’s only so much one can take in and yield,
Before they spill out endless nights of tears,

You come real close,
You make me conceive,
That I can speak to you of what I believe,

I can feel you’re true,
This feeling is something so new,
And what do I do?
I try to hold on even tighter to you,

Maybe you got scared,
Because you know who I am,
But I thought you really cared,
I only spoke to you cause I can,

A sense of security was somewhat there,
Hours spent together,
Promises we swore unto forever,
All ended up placed in my box of treasures,

You see a true friend is one who hangs around for long,
Gets you back on your feet and makes you feel strong,
Unending advice on what is right or wrong,
This other beautiful spirit that joins into your soul,

But, “As all good things must come to an end”,
I do believe it’s somewhat a crazy on going trend,
And after we fall we try hard to mend,
Leaving our hearts in debt of love and a true friend,

Theirs a price to pay,
For every soul they convey,
For every heart thrown away,
And all the faith gone astray,

Yet it’s too much to bare,
Promise love not be shared,
For those who really care,
The few souls that are rare,
Can’t be seen because they’re all so scared,
Of being hurt and treated unfair,

So just leave me be,
Leave me be,
I said stay the hell away from me,
You are no friend,
Because all I say,
Is a selfish person who envy’s me.

by Hoda Elomari

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