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Sentiments Of A Lover
SS (26th of December 1979 / Philippines)

Sentiments Of A Lover

Poem By sweet seven

I’ll go with you in your office
“That can’t be, you’ll do nothing there”
Pick me up on Friday, its payday remember?
“That can’t be, I’ve got no money”
Please come in our house on Sunday and eat dinner with me
“That can’t be, I don’t eat the food you eat”

Got so plans and ideas to be with you
But all I got was unreasonable reasons
I am not just your phonepal
I am your girlfriend
But why can’t you seem to understand
These things I used to demand

And when I do ask for a call
After a long wait to hear your voice
You’ll call me a minute before you leave that place
And you seem to take it as a reporting duty
Rather than you missing me
Or that I might be thinking how are you doing

I know I am no damn good partner
All I ever wanted was time
A quality time and not just routinary life
All I ever wanted was just today
Loving you with no promises of tomorrow
For tomorrow might not come to us together =(

I do hope we could discuss these things….


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love the way you write from a women's point. your poetry's great.