Separating Our Love

Being separated from you is hard.
We have to get used to this hellish ordeal.
When we reunite, we both let down our guard.
In doing this, we show each other how we truly feel.

Our love isn't the normal kind with pressure.
We allow our love to strengthen and grow.
To rid the pain, love is our only cure.
The only way for that to work is to take it slow.

Our parents think we don't know love's definition.
But how are they the ones to judge?
Just being with you is my ambition.
Let them be the bitter ones to hold a grudge.

Being separated from you is hard.
Let our statement of love be bold.
Baby, please heal this heart that's been scarred.
Then, someday the truth of our love will unfold.

by Isabella Night

Comments (4)

What a wonderful love you have.. :)
Indeed a beautiful poem, I can relate myself to this poem as well, to be separated from my one love. Once again great writing always.
This is an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL poem... I can associate quite well with this poem, myself!
Absence makes the heart grow fonder