I got detached from
the train of life and
now I lie idle in endless
tracks that looked forbidding.

Forlorn I became,
as I rusted in the tracks,
that suddenly seemed
to start where I stood.

I rued the moment in which
I lost the connection with life
I was done in by a moment
of madness that was inviting.

I was courted by it
and in no time I fell for it.
That madness which
was anything but life.

It was indeed transient
and now in forlorn lands
after an alluring orgasm
I struggle with my rusted being.

I am rusting without relent
and is being laid to rest
slowly but steadily in this track
where life left me behind.

The separated me, now
fail to fathom the intensity
of my forlornness, and I don't hear
even a murmur of the train of life.

Stuck in this rusty tracks
through which life passed by once,
I find myself mangled and odd.
And this oddity is my life.


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A nice poem- Separation by Raj all about life..thank you