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Separation (Satis Shroff)
SS ( / Dharan)

Separation (Satis Shroff)

The first day was cumbersome
For it was fresh in my memory.

The second day Florentin asked:
‘Papa, where is Mama? ’
I was at a loss.
How was I to explain
A two-year old,
Where Mama was?

The third day we were relieved
To get cards and descriptions:
Of cows, sheep, horses grazing
In the Norderheide meadows.
Of windmills and the howling
North Sea breeze.

Of a fishing trip in a trawler,
With North Sea fishermen,
Who spoke East Friesian dialect.

Of Husum’s colourful harbour
With Yachts and fisher boats
And a Schifffahrtsmuseum.

Whitewashed houses with red rooftops
Endless blue skies over the horizon,
Interspersed with fluffy clouds.

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