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Separation Supping (Song)
CM (05/05/1977 / Bangor, Northern Ireland)

Separation Supping (Song)

Poem By Clare McWilliams

Verse 1

Walked out of your life- And into the pub,
I could no longer keep you as lifes hub.
So I turned to the drink for company,
Joined the singles scene- admission free.
I know it sounds stupid, but I was lost.
Had to dull the pain whatever the cost.
Everybody does it, no need to condone,
Anythings better than being alone.

Separation Supping
Preventing Aloneness
Separated from you
My heart's lashed in loneliness...

Separation supping
To kill that nasty pain
Of losing you my love
Like Electric in the rain...

Verse 2

For so many years you were my whole life
Now I've little to do- boredom's rife.
I sit in the house where we used to cuddle,
Miss it- But don't- My heads in a muddle.
Don't wanna go back- but can't go forward.
Need to be reborn- Got to cut this cord.
I've got to get out- Now who can I phone?
Anythings better than being alone.


Verse 3

Out there I attract potential lovers
But they're inferior album covers.
I want the love back that we had at first.
Its gone forever-replaced by the thirst.
Gotta drink so I can't see you're not there,
Caught in a trap- no way out of this snare.
I'm not me- I'm an alcoholic clone.
Anythings better than being alone.


Verse 4
Pouring liquid haze down my eager throat,
I'm improving my mood the more I float.
Laughing and happy- dancing all around,
Just so pleased with this new life that I've found.
I hope you see I am so over you
I've fixed my heart with some vodka glue.
Thanks to the drink- the bloody wound is sewn
Now I need to work on doing it alone.
Now I need to work on doing it alone.

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