Did you ever felt that feeling, that your best friend will stick by your side and your friendship will last forever. Well it's hard to lose a friend on a day like this. Were in school chillen and talkin, few hours we go to lunch, and eat, next we go to class next thing you know your best friend is on the floor having a sezisure. You think that he's playing but he's not. Well my friend died on Monday 21 2011 having a sezisure how cold god seperate something so special, it wasn't time for him to go. How am I suppose to live with my best friend gone and I'm by myself in this world

by morelson petitfrere

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Separate u mean right, Yeah it sad to have that experience...My friend also passed away few weeks ago and i just like oh is it true or i just having nightmare...U must be strong and the memories still strong if u keep it with you. I am feel bad for you and feel sad for the losing whatsoever life to goes on and you will be fine just keep the memories stay with you..Cheer a little :) ok? Dont ever believe u separated with him ur friend is just having deep sleep..-Unwritten SOul