SF (12th of april / Sydney Australia)


Out of nothing you came to me
From my friends you heard things
About who I am, what I do, who I see
And then the next thing my phone rings

As you came into my life
As you settled in my heart
But then I became the knife
That is pushing us apart

As I look into the sky
And kiss you goodnight
I wish we could never say goodbye
As you are my one and only light

But you live in a different nation
And I live in cruel reality
The distance, the time, the communication
Makes our love just a fantasy

People say they understand
Or, at least they think they do
But my heart is on its last stand
As I know I won't see you anytime soon.

Too feel your breath is my desire
To touch you lips is my fantasy
As you are travelling higher and higher
Out of all I can see.

note: im not really sure where to put notes on things so im putting them here. This poem was NOT written by me but for me by the guy featured in the angel poems.

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