CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Sepia (C) 1-16-10

Holding a Sepia picture in the hands of the one who took it
From its beauty it's a wonder that anyone forsook it
Symbolizing its age with the color of the burnt sepia
Looking into the past when John was cursed with diarrhea
Oh the laughs the cries all from the sepia image
When our son first went across the line of scrimmage
Memories sail across our mind like ghost in the air
Like many movies playing simultaneously more than we can bare
Sad times, mad times, and even some glad times
Thinking of all the funny stuff and thinking of the bad times
Its crispy shade of brown shows the importance of this memory
All the colors and hues fade to a lesser gold that is entitled with perfect imagery
Time has taken away the color but the feeling is indefinite
Even after a thousand years its beholder still holds their respect in it
The symbolism of the color sepia can be stretched too any range
But in this it shows that no one really fades away just a lot of things change
Showing the first kiss the funny faces sometimes a scrape on the arm of Nia
A color that shows that everything is everlasting they just turn to Sepia

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