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*sepia Dreams

A sepia coloured
In that old album
Is all I can touch
Of you,

Cross-legged on the floor;
In your bridal finery-
A wistful expression-
Dreamy, anticipating
Perhaps, the myriad dreams
To unfold and blossom.

Your chin resting
On your palm,
That cupped your face-
Pointed, alluring!

I remember that moment-
If it were not for my mother
Standing behind us,
It would have been
My hands cupping your face!

I quieten the
Welling storm of memories.

I never told you
How lovely you looked,
That moment!

And now,
When I say it,
I wonder, can you hear?

And longingly wait
For that moment,
When I will.

When I meet you,
In eternity.

Usha,26 February '08

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The layer of time covers up the original colors..Still it stays on...With that sepiatic effect and a hope that in eternity it will recall all the warmth and fill up unfinished corners of wishfulness... Awesome is the word ma'am...!
Heartbreaking vignette, Usha.