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Sepia Silence
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Sepia Silence

Poem By Miss Fairytale

We had opened my old tin trunk
To read, in the lid, a yellowed inscription
An apologetic note from she
to me
And a map, gone sepia
to her heart.

I had swallowed it up;
The gloom, with my sponge tongue.

She put her tips to my cheek
Liquid-sadness ran
her fingers,
She licked at the brine
Then held my face
in her palms.

I closed the old tin lid
And dried my face in her gold-twisted hair
We opened her cheap old chest
Stuffed with the dust of her lovers,
I stood in the cold morning light
Clotted-cream turned my heart
As she raised her blade
And sent me to the cracked floorboards
To fill in their slits with my blood
She murmured 'Thank you', with the stiffest of smiles
Then wrapped me in ribbon
And threw me in with her loves.

She closed her cheap old chest
And her darkness swelled about me
The silence of her love engulfed me.

September 26th 2007

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