September 11,2001

On the morning of the eleventh, there was breaking news,
we could hear the sirens of the firefighting crews,
the north tower was burning with both smoke and flame,
just a few minutes later, there came another plane,
it crashed into the south tower it too burst into fire,
this wasn't breaking news no more, it was on every wire,
then we found out the pentagon was hit too,
and in Pennsylvania, a plane came from the blue
it crashed into a field just outside of town,
we knew what caused the first three,
but knew not why the fourth went down,
panic filled the buildings, as people tried to get out,
there was dead and dying, the injured lay all about,
people they were running, trying to get away,
how many million people will not forget this day,
even our nations Capitol had to evacuate,
all most of us could do, was to just sit and wait,
in just a little while a tower crumbled to the ground,
about twenty minutes later, the other came crashing down,
how many people were still inside, was yet to be found out,
it would be in the thousands, of that there would be no doubt,
people sat and wondered, how anyone could be so bad,
to cause the worst disaster, our nation ever had,
though we are discouraged, our resolve will never fail,
and when we finally find them, no one will go their bail,
almost a year has passed, and we have not forgot,
we still seek bin Laden, for him we've made it hot,
we will keep on looking, till he is on his knees,
then like a lamb to slaughter, with vengence if you please,
there is no easy answers, for those left behind,
there are lots of troubles of each and every kind,
what do we teach our children, about these evil men,
do we preach forgiveness and turn our cheeks again,
or do we show our strength and get them in their home,
where their own children can watch, while we break every bone,
we can talk about the wickedness, that to us has been done,
and make sure that we prevail, to catch them everyone.

written by Harry Bryant
9/2/02 11: 07: 24 PM �
all rights reserved

by Harry Bryant

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