September 11

Courage is a place
that lives in the heart.
There are no maps.
There are no landmarks,
to show the way.

There is only an heroic moment,
and then there is a hero.
Somewhere, in a far away land,
there is a special
Hall of Heroes

And in it are garlanded statues
of men and women with plaques
laid at their feet. It is filled
with those who gave part of themselves,

Those who gave all of themselves,
Physically and/or emotionally,
and those who absorbed the inferno,
so that others could live.
On September 11, let us

Lift our flags high!
Let us honor our heroes,
Both the living and the dead.

by Mary Naylor

Comments (2)

Ever since that day, I have realised the importance of prayer. Like you say- we must honor both the living and the dead. God bless us all- everyone! But above all- God bless America! 10.
I cannot begin to tell you how much I am touched by your poem. More people need to remember that day, and those who died for us. Scarlett