September 11th,2001

Remember the day when we were brought to our knees as a nation.
As the world watched the destruction, of one of Americas greatest creations.
Time stood still that fateful day, at nine fifteen,
We as a nation could not believe what we had just seen.

The towers stood as they had for years before,
But in a brief moment, in time, they would be no more.
A symbol of freedom and wealth was gone in a flash,
Reduced to a mere pile of rubble and twisted trash.

So many lives were affected that day,
Fathers, Mothers and Children were taken away.
We stood in horror not knowing exactly what to say.
All we could do was join together, to mourn and pray.

We watched in shock as many leapt to their death.
Knowing so many more had drawn there last breath.
As the first majestic tower crumbled and fell,
Twenty nine minutes later, New York City was tossed into hell.

Over three hundred Firefighters would not return home that night.
Along with five hundred rescue workers, they had fought their last fight.
Two thousand, eight hundred lives in all were lost that autumn day.
As a mighty nation stood still not knowing what to say.

What was meant to cause chaos and confusion,
Was but only a temporary illusion.
For we as a nation gathered and stood tall,
Vowing to the world that we would not fall.

Our flag still flies over the land of the free,
As it did in September 1812, as noted by Francis Scott Key.
When the smoke had cleared, again as in the past, our flag was still there.
Bruised and tattered, but no better for wear.

A promise was made on that fateful September day,
That those responsible for this would definitely pay.
September 11th 2001 will be wrote into history as a day of sorrow.
For many who were there there would be no tomorrow.

Dedicated to those who gave there all,
On September 11th 2001 a nation stood tall.

by Poison 9901

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thats good.i still cant understand tho why would some1 want to kill lots of people and why would some1 want to ruin america`s best buildings.what would they have against america.its just sad.ive got a song about this called heaven 9/11 i dont know if you have heard of it but its a little girl saying about how much she misses her daddy, because she lost her dad in it. love stacey xxx