A Walk In The Rainy Day

A drop fell on my temple,
Another fell on my eyes and brim,
A half of dozen kissed my bosom and core,
And made my soul chuckle out loud.

A few fell out on the pavement! ! ! !
they went out to wash the grime,
I envisage are they pearls,
What neck-late could i abrade,

The meadow replaced in shinny fish pond,
The birds are chanting and frolicking,
The sunshine spread the hue...
The rainbow slit from the sky,

The galaxy bringing down million orbs,
And showering them in the hazy delight,
and gloom is falling from the space,
now chasing the song of the birds at dawn..

by Anita Sharma

Comments (5)

I learned this poem in school I forgot some of the words but never the meaning. It was a joy to be able to pull it up Beautiful
What mesmeric verses... September comes to life and endows with immorality!
My mother's favorite poem also. She and my father got married in September. Sadly, it was also the month in which she died. So for me this poem is bittersweet.
My mother Wilma Foster loved this poem and recited it every September even though she was blind the last ten years of her life. We read this poem at her funeral.
This is an appealing poem!