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September In Her Finest

The sun is brightly shining the frogs sing in pond and drain
These shy and tiny amphibians their songs tell us of rain
And Spring is all around me the beauty of the Spring
The wattles in their yellow flowers the birds whistle and sing.

September in her finest she wears her cloak of green
And everywhere one turns to look there's beauty to be seen
A poet in such a Landscape would truly feel inspired
Of talking of Nature's beauty one never could grow tired.

Some pray for an Utopia beyond this Earthly shore
In a world of eternal youth for to live forever more
But this the nearest place to Utopia that i will ever know
And how many more Seasons will i see come and go?

September in her finest it is a lovely day
The tiny wrens hop on the ground in search of insect prey
And birds are whistling on the trees in the afternon sunlight
So much to write of in Nature for those who love to write.

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