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September North And South

In the home of the kangaroo in the Land of the far south
In sky kilometers far from the waterways of the brown trout
The sun shines in a sky of blue and gray
And the nesting birds are singing in the Moyne Shire today

September the first month of the northern Autumn in the fall of the year
The Summer is over as Winter draws near
Some leaves on the deciduous trees already turning brown
And the river bank high in the fields by the town

September in the south is the first month of Spring
In the gray of the dawn the nesting birds chirp and sing
After recent rain the countryside looking green
And Nature at her very finest is seen

In September it is early Spring in the south in the Land of the kangaroo
And the home of the yellow tailed black cockatoo
But in September in the north it is Autumn a cool and wet time of year
And in the gray of the dawning the songs of the birds one does not hear.

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