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September's Come To Visit

With darkened face and in his cloak of silvery gray
I saw the black faced cuckoo shrike today
Perched on dead branch at top of dead gum tree
He uttered forth his cheerful melody.

The migrant bird some know as shufflewing
Had come home to the mountains for the Spring
His mate nearby sits on small stick built nest
With three blotched green eggs warm beneath her breast.

A clouded sky an hour of heavy rain
And then the warming sun shine out again
The welcome swallow low o'er paddock fly
And magpie flutes his distinct notes of joy.

The only part of Planet Earth some say
Where you will get four seasons in one day
Strong wind and rain and hail and warming sun
The year's four seasons all rolled into one.

Young lambs in paddocks frolicking about
And September's come to visit Belgrave South
And willy wagtail sing on barbed fence wire
His welcome to the spring in Sherbrooke Shire.

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