JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)

My Anchor To Reality

You're my anchor to reality
is what you always said,
We shared a love together
which blew everybody's head.
Ten years of ups and down
four more years of turnarounds,
But just like a cat our four
feet landed on the ground.
You're my anchor to reality
is what you always said
You'll always be with me,
you're always in my head.
Bonnie and Clyde are the names
my mother gave us,
So we played our parts.
The time we spent together
lingers in my heart,
Even though we grew apart.
The memories I will always
Cherish for they made me strong.

by Mary E. Wms. Young

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September is the month of love.It's the month of sadness and loneliness, too.This poem gives me a special feeling.I really like the line: ''Clear blue, like your eyes''. Nothing is greater than standing on a mountain high, looking at the blue sky and the falling yellow fall leaves.