Seraph (sonnet)

Oh Seraph loving celestial being

Through clouds you tiptoed, finger playing harp strings

Long and short stroking, affecting my heartstrings

Fine looking maiden with bejewelled eyes

Porcelain skinned, golden trusses i espied

(Alas you stole my heart with no thought shown
Ripping shred from shred torn as if your own)

Alive with grace she strode dignity in dance

My heart did pound as i await her advance

Feverish sweat I did perspire should she pass

I caught her eye she welcomed me at last

She slid beside loving with tender blithe

I write this sonnet for you my darling

Oh Seraph loving celestial being

thank you

by Martyn Grindrod

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Thank you my friend
Rich flow of thoughts with captivating images. A passionate rhetorical poem embellished in poetic rhyme and rhythm. Thanks for sharing.