LH (5.18.89 / Riverdale, Ga)

Serenity Of Dreams

In the darkness, The absence of light
In the nightmare that comes by night
There is a dream, waiting for you and me
To fight, for destiny.

In the twilight, I see your face
In the twilight, I see my place
My place is by your side
Dancing with you

As the stars shine above
As he twilight holds our love
Forever in its hands
Forever with no demands

Nothing can separate
Me, from you, my soul mate
As the flame of our love grows brighter
As our darkest fears, seem lighter

AS we dance this dance
This Serenity of Dreams
Beckons us home
To where we will never be alone

Never be without one another
You are not only, my lover
You are my Serenity.
My Serenity of Dreams...


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