TCT (1992-? / Scott City, KA)

Serial Killer

swift in the veins of the streets
climbing the ladder towards your brain
towards your surrounding sanity
stalking you
a killer in the face of a child
knowing who and how
not knowing names or places
adversary of insanity
serial killer
uncle SAM's worst nightmare
hate in the heart of gold
the first leaf to fall
a sporadic burst of unintentional convulsions
jolt of pain from which brings most smiles
murderer using a simile like a tourniquet
just to tell someone
try and get it out
but deep inside
I know the cthonic energy
I know it like I know my closest friend
not very well at all
not very good

(Copyright ©05/2008)

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Man, you remind me of Jack The Ripper. A very good poem, powerful enough to kill all the other dark poems... just kidding! Anyway, I give you a 10 for the surrealism of this poem. Love your work!