Hissing through torrid Sahara
You hiss, you crawl,
You twist and turn,
(Oh what blissful view hath the
Mummy at Gaza) ,
What scrumptious scent
Sent you captive?
Play thou fumbling dawg?
Because by your distorted
Sight quarrels
Thou with the sun,
And just when you think
You've won,
Faithful sun shows you
Your mother.
Having bullied runty ants,
Which only let you
Because serpent,
You think Sahara will
Neglect your barbarism,
Silky serpent sly!
Toss now as the dessert
Thrusts her burn in you,
For all the villagers you
Have, by this thy lethal venom,
Her wrath hath death heaped
Upon you a heap of coals,
As you hiss and kiss
Life bye!
Sahara would let you live,
But, dread!
Lest you hiss a venomous
Betrayal. Serpent!

by Irvin Relebogile

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