Jayanta Mahapatra By The Door

Mahapatra by the door
Thinking about the times
Gone, spent past
Will never come again
Visiting the balcony,
The corridors
Of life
Sitting all alone
And viewing,
All alone
And viewing it
And ruminating and recollecting,
Reminiscing and revisiting,
How have the times,
How have the situations changed,
Of life and its moments,
Situations and circumstances,
How the landscape, how the scenario,
But the mass and matter same,
The same light dazzling by
Each dawn break and glowing at twilight,
Coming and retreating
And darkness enveloping the world
With mist and fog,
Smoke and vapour,
Myth and mystery,
Dreaming and dreaming
And taking visionary glides,
Marking the lonely paths
Leading to where, nowhere,
Waiting for,
But none has turned up.

by Bijay Kant Dubey

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