NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

Serving The Insane.

It was those troubled minds i was paid to pacify
that over time with ease they did change me,
disorting and transforming my minds eye,

like a stone moulded by the sighs of the sea,
words and sights are now blurred with distrust,
each sentance, each image, plauged with uncertainty.

once setttled and imbedded and unlike dust,
these feelings could not be wiped away,
so into the abyss of abject despair i was thrust.

These drifting souls prefer neither night or day,
when everything is blinded by turmoil.
The stains of insanity can never be wiped away.

so together we stand looking up from the floor of the well,
whilst the light of release remains unreachable,
from above the sane hear the madmans yell.
but take heed of this advice take caution when they call.

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My mother was a dementia patient and I loved her dearly. Some nursing homes may be good but the one that she was in was very bad, so I was there everyday to see she was taken care of. I couldn't work there because of the things I saw, but I grew to love the patients and it broke my heart every time I was there. A good poem. Warm Regards, Donna