Poem Hunter
CR (May 19,1992 / Kodiak alaska)


in the darkness of the night she cowars towards the forbiden light.
she's terrified and shaken but her spirits still defiante.
he cell is freezing, her bodies cold as ice
she puts her hand to her heart and comes away with blood
they tortured her then shot her 3 times with that deadly beautiful gun
she didn't know why they hated her but they caused her death

in the brilliance of the night it felt so right to watch her death
her body should've been heavy with death but instead she felt so light
they imagined her revenge, how graceful she'd be holding that gun
the hate in her eyes as her true nature became clear, so defiante
they carried her, leaving footprints in her blood
they hold her body as they shiver the wind is cold as ice

her body falls to the floor and shatters like a thin plate of ice
her life had no meaning so why should her death
she looks down from heaven and sees her body covered in blood
they put her through hell so she followed the light
she was young and spirited, now shes dead and still defiante
she wanted to kill them, she wanted their gun

she took a deep breath and realized that in her hand was the gun
she was alive again and her heart was cold as ice
she defied all lwas, she was dead but they revived her, so defiante
they wanted her to hurt longer so they wouldnt allow her death
they pulled her away from they warmth and shattered the light
she pointed the gun and blew out their brains so much blood

she heard them cry, they'd hurt her, she was covered in their blood
she kept firing shot after shot then she threw the gun
she ran trying to get away, running towards the light
they tried to kill her but in the end she caused their death
she was strong and determined, you'd call her defiante

starved and beaten she runs away, all logic she defies
people run away from her, shes covered in blood
they call her a monster, say shes the bringer of death
she hears a loud bang as someone shoots off a gun
she stops at a frozen lake to scared to be trapped beneath the ice
she turns around and sees the light

she feels free as he embraces her, his touch is light, hes defiante
his arms melt the ice around her heart as he washes off the blood
he promises her she'd never have to fear a gun, she'd see no more death

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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