My Yesterdays

A cuckoo singing at the twilight
Taps my window softly.
A pale tree and a drooping sky
Are there to humble my thoughts
And I am lost in the past
Friends, you know me for long!

I often wonder
Why your tall hills hide my clouds
Sure to rain for a while
Over a parched strip of land!
Your hills are tall and huge
Friends, I too know you for long!

A colossal shade of a tomorrow
Invites me to visualise a future
But I prefer to live in the past
Which never wanted to become present
And it will never enter my house
That you have been building for me

I want to invite the death discreetly
While praising the life and listening to birds
But in the crumbling palace of cards
I search not for a chamber of my trapped tomorrow
I have learned enough history

Between yourselves and myself
A sea is now surreptitiously raging.
Its waves are dividing the shores
But I know where to drown
When you swim safe to a hopeless tomorrow
My life is a lot to my yesterdays....

by M.D Dinesh Nair

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