AKT (8-3-68 / Memphis, Tn.)

Set Me Free

To the one that opens this,
Do speak these words across your lips.
This message in a bottle, I send your way,
With hopes it will return, your love for me 'one day'.

For in this note, I place my love for you,
The love I have runs deep, As deep as the bottle is blue.
I ask for your help, For I have been cursed,
It has always been your love, for which I do thirst.

To see your beautiful face, even just for a while,
To hear your voice, would surely give me a smile.
A minute of your time, just to share with me,
A glimpse of your love, would instantly set me free.

I need your help, to get out from under this spell,
Before the time comes, to make our final farewell.
Like the ring around, this message I send,
My love for you child, will never end.

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