HHJ (21 April 2009 / England)

I Wish To Go There....

I wish to go there....
Where there is no one
Just the open sky,
The picturesque mountains,
The birds chirping on tree tops
To keep company

Where the gentle breeze
Or whipping rains
Seem to lull the soul
To seek the inner bliss
In serene solitude
In spiritual awakening

Where the maddening crowds
The teeming millions
Are in distant far off lands
Silence and peace pervade
The whole valley, uphills,
Nature prevails over at last

The urge to make money
The desire to build empires
Lie in dying embers here
Content ment sweeps over the being
Like a cozy blanket in freezing chillness
Heaven lies here, what more I want

I wish to go there
To this dream land
live, real, enchanting,
Im starting off to heed to the inner call
To the far off land, bye!
Wish me the best, wish u the best in return, bye, bye!

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A very well written piece, maybe now we have a black President, the poeple you talk about will finallly be set free, lets hope so, 10 Lynda xx