Set Them Free..They Will Multiply..

Poem By Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

Watching the birds is real fun,
no need dime, only the time,
colorful birds to colored birds,
chirping birds to singing birds,
flying birds to walking birds,
cunning birds to love birds,
Watching birds is just a lesson,
making mind to have a vision.

collect the twigs to make the nest,
one by one, they think the best,
choose the right tree,
just high and free,
Making the nest perfect,
without any single defect,
The birds toil together or alone,
all day long until it is done.

I bought two love birds,
that were kept in a cage.
Hung the cage under the balcony,
above the reach of dogs not felony.
chirping disturbed their sleep,
Nikko, the dog set them free.
Only two flew away,
but I have a few dozens now,
making their nests,
right in front of me, on the trees.

Watching the birds is real fun,
no need dime, only the time.

Comments about Set Them Free..They Will Multiply..

Good write.........Yes birds are fun to watch and to listen too..........So much music in those little voices..Nothing like awakening to the sound of birds in the morning..........I have enjoyed many times observing them as well......Some people might think that that is for the birds......but it is for me..................................ha ha
No need of dollar but time to have the lesson of watching birds. The bird watcher gets the vision of the love of birds to one another, the love they have to their nest, being beware of the enemies.......Very nice lines making a lovely atmosphere.100%

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