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Setting Angels On Fire
VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Setting Angels On Fire

All so very consumed, by what comes so easily
Superlative, yet we walk by always apathetically
A useless frontier scarred, but remaining sacred
As though this is what we have left, that’s dead

Forever sleeping, until we’re waiting for another
To show the way again, beyond the dying ether
Under these grey skies, where perceptions limit
To see only that, which comprehensions permit

Always run from the rain, let it not wash away
That mask, you put on this morning in a decay
Of such moral obligations, to be good and kind
Crushed in denial, of what is now so left behind

Does our own anger, vent our own frustrations?
But speak never, of such alternate considerations
Even when someone tries, to guide your own light
This remains always, so coveted by hate and spite

We all have something, to hide within ourselves
Swap truth for the suspicion, of lies upon shelves
Stacked in an order of our choosing, as always
Kept safely away, until the ending of our days

So many different answers, for many criteria set
Asking who has the right answer, unheard yet
Not because it was never said, but for the fact
That we never listened, to diplomacy and tact

Worshipping gods, but never follow the word
In a book of verses, so wise and yet so absurd
Of teachings written, by the ones who worship
Asking myself, just who said from whose lip?

Bigotry as of the prejudice, bred in all people
Choice; freedom, overshadowed by this steeple
Lost in the challenge, of a self righteous desire
Now almost as easy, as setting angels on fire

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