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Settling In
KM (14 January 1989 / LaSalle Ontario)

Settling In

when I was last here
three years ago
I used to tote our picture around with me
in a cute, purple frame
with bright flowers around the border

the frame was a gift to me
but the greater gift
was to remember the moment captured in the photograph

we both stood a little awkwardly in our twelve-year-old glory
his arm draped around my shoulders
delitcately intrusive

but all that shone out
were the mad smiles on our faces.

...well, somethings die with time
I've long since stopped
keeping any photograph
tied to my side

but as I am unpacking
I notice an odd bookmark
in 'What My Mother Doesn't Know'

low and behold
it's your photograph
the one you sent me from France

the perfect scenery
seems to bend and blur for you
much like I
a slave to your sweet,
gently archaic smile
and crystal eyes
gleaming and shining as always
but filled with a faint sorrow

and while it's embarrassing
that it seems to have followed me here
a part of me is glad
just to be seeing your face

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