Seven Billions People On The Earth.

7 billions people on the earth
living North, South, East and West.
In some places the population so dense,
like ants in the nest.
O, my God, You said 'No contraceptive.'
but some women are producing babies like puppy and pig.
For them life is so difficult.
Some as poor as mice in the church.
Some accumulate so much wealth,
causing a large widening gap.
The poor have no place to live
as housing so expensive.
Only affordable by the rich.
Food becomes so rare for the poor
but the rich dine and wine in posh hotel.
To make the poor well-fed,
O, my God make another miracle of 2 fish and 5 breads.
Some places are inhabitable
because of harsh weather.
O, my God, make those places a promised land
abundant with fruit, honey, water and ham.
O, my God, prevent the world leaders from producing more weapons
but to grow more paddy, maize and corns.
Prevent the greedy from hoarding rice
and fixing higher price
because the hike really bites.
For survival, the ancient man had to be strong and fit.
The woman had to be tall and big.
Now the modern man has to be handsome and rich.
The woman has to be slim and slick.
The future human must own a vast food source
to win the enemy without any force.
The hungry enemy will surrender for good
if they were given food.

by U Win Kyi

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