JR (07/13/1989 / Vineland, New Jersey)

Seven Deaths To The Man At Hand

Let the man die Seven Deaths
Let the man know Seven Pains
Creep forth hollow heart
Never to grasp what has been slain

Smile Grim
Your neighbor dwells
Piece yourself
The puzzle fits
Look upon the outer dust
Spark a flame that lies within

Take your claim
Adjust your share
Your hands may bleed
The blood is sweet
Undo your heart
Undo your past
There is no kindness
Hold forth your keep

Put out your sword
Neglect their words
As darkness falls
You mingled Death
Your own Black Spot
You shared the task
Your eyes acknowledged one last breath

Sit forth the mount
No need to move
Let pile the chafe
Await the bloom
On furs now seated
You've made your tomb
Or linger on while sun brings moon
Never once it comes too soon

Now stuff within
No need to stop
From cream or crop
Enough will linger
Welcome the salt
The spice degrades
It matters not
Embrace the bigger

Your eyes pitch black
Your head holds high
Their words are arrows
You wear your plate
Acid actions lead your fate
You may have fallen
They will not know
Challenge the mind
Create the Hate

Their coins are heavy
Which one delights
Collections space empty inside
Your eyes may dwindle
Look forth the glow
Attain the toll
Prepare the spindle

Now Seven Deaths this man shall suffer
Seven Deaths this man shall know
If not for this man's tainted soul
These Seven Deaths would be unknown

by Jovan Rosado

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