(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Seven Spanish Angels

So beautiful and stately
I watch their autumn glow
Golden leaves are fallin’
And how I love them so

They adorn the landscape
A clear blue lake in sight
Their fresh golden adornments
Makes everything seem right

Alameda is one angel
She reaches for the sky
Touches my heart tenderly
And I really don’t know why

Belicia is another angel
She loves the sky as well
Stretching as high as possible
A story she could tell

There is Conchita, oh so lovely
And Dulcinea is a treasure
They both make me smile for
They bring me so much pleasure

Juanita and Soledad, oh yes
They know how to amaze
At the uniqueness that they offer
It’s their fresh and yearly faze

And last is another wonder
She is one of nature’s best
Valencia, you would love her
For great beauty is her quest

Each year I so enjoy them
As I walk along natures trails
Perhaps you’ll see them also
My seven Spanish Angels!

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