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Seventeen Years Cont
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Seventeen Years Cont

One message and one message is all it took
For me to fall even before I could Look
I don't know what god was planning that day
But none of us knew what was coming our way

You asked If I was the same girl who met you in 1994
And I knew that yes, that girl was me for sure
You would have your questions to which answers had to be given
I had no answers, I just wanted to be forgiven

Just with that intention I replied back to you
The messages moved on even before we knew
U asked why I left and my eyes had tears
And then we went back by seventeen years.

To be continued ?

& continuing.....

we met again and we kept on meeting
days passed and months went fleeting,
and then again things did change
we were apart and circumstances were strange

We stayed in touch but the feeling was gone.
You were busy...and I was forlorn
you had your struggles that I never denied
we drifted apart and the love died.

I hope I will see you some time, again
I believe you will move on with no more pain
I did love but I knew your worries and fears
I hope to hear from you, but this time... not after 17 years.

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