EB ( / Earth)

Seventh Heaven

In the first place Man needed to know God
Not knowing
Where God was Man worshipped the earth and the animals around him
The boundary of his understanding
In the second place, when he understood more of his surroundings
He worshipped the Sun that gave him light and heat
The boundary of his understanding
In the third place, when he understood the movements of the heavens
He worshipped the stars that told him of the seasons of the earth
The boundary of his understanding
In the fourth place he fashioned and worshipped idols and symbols of Gods
To fit
The boundary of his understanding
In the fifth place he worshipped words that were spoken of Gods
This increased
The boundary of his understanding
Then Man became a scientist and decided everything must have a cause
So then he worshipped science
Because it had given him some answers.
This was the boundary of his understanding
These answers made some men forget there was a God
Which brings us to the sixth place
We are now in the sixth place
Which could be quite a dangerous place
Without God
Man could do something nasty with his new answers
Until he finds his next, boundary of understanding
Perhaps Man should take a step back for a moment
Look beyond his next event horizon
Use his knowledge together with his imagination
To work out for himself that which he has missed all this time:
That he is an integral part of an entire universal essence
That supports his very existence, and that of everything around him
The forces of nature, the fabric of all life
Some that we see, some that we don't see
Then, he might just realise
That he is a part of the universal God everything is
Instead of thinking that God is somewhere else
He can do all this simply, without knowing anything
But himself
When he knows himself
He will believe
And belief is the key to an amazing door labelled:
'The seventh place - Answers to everything you ever wanted to know'
Sometimes known
As seventh heaven

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Pablo Neruda

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